Brennan & Son offers a comprehensive range of plumbing and heating services from boiler repairs and changes to gas safety work and bathroom fittings.




If you’re having trouble with your boiler we can help. Whether it needs servicing, repairing or even replacing we can advise you on the best option for your heating and water system. We will always thoroughly check your boiler and give you our honest assessment. If it does need replacing we will help you choose the right boiler for you. All of our gas engineers are listed on the Gas Safe Register, which is the official gas safety body for the UK.


Justin fixing boiler

Boiler Servicing 

Servicing will prolong the life of your boiler by detecting faults sooner rather than later. The Gas Safe Register recommends that all boilers should be serviced annually whatever its age. On newer boilers our gas engineers will carry out a ‘flue-gas analysis’ to check that it’s burning properly and ensure the boiler is working safely. On older boilers we may give them a vacuum to keep them free of debris. Sometimes seals need changing to stop carbon monoxide and heat escaping.



Lee taking pipe off car

Boiler Repairs

If faults are found, then we will quickly carry out the necessary repairs, informing you of exactly what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. We will always do a thorough job and see the work through even if the repair isn’t straightforward. Some manufacturers will give a lengthy guarantee if your boiler is serviced regularly so it’s worth checking if the whole or part of the repair cost is covered.



Greg fitting boiler

New Boilers

If you do require a new boiler we will always seek out the best type depending on your needs. We always recommend the best brands based on reputation, guarantees and value for money. We want you to have a boiler that you will be happy with for many years so when installing we ALWAYS:

  • Powerflush/chemically clean the radiators when installing a new boiler
  • Install a magnetic filter wherever possible
  • Install thermostatic radiator valves (TRV’s) for best efficiency
  • Install programmer / room thermostats


Towel rail

Heating and Powerflushing 

Brennan & Son has extensive experience both repairing and installing central heating systems. Whether you’re looking for bigger radiators to heat a room more efficiently, solutions to noisy plumbing or heating faults or even a new system we can help. We can advise you on what needs doing and why. If a new system is required we can guide you with deciding on what sort of system is best for you. We always carry out powerflushes on new systems and can also run them older systems.
Click here for more information about powerflushing


Kitchen hob

Cookers and Fires

We offer a fully comprehensive check and repair service on gas appliances such as cookers and fires.  Gas fire services include cleaning burners so they work more efficiently, checking closure plates, chimney inspections, vacumming and checking the catchment space. We can also install new cookers and fires whether to replace an older model or to put in a new appliance in a new location. Talk to us about the costs and what’s involved.


Derek doing gas safety

Gas Safety Inspections

All tenanted properties need to have an annual gas safety inspection by law. It covers all gas appliances including cookers, gas fires, boilers and the gas meter. It will identify any gas leaks and ensure that the appliances are working safely and meet Gas Safe Standards. It will also ensure that any flues are free from blockages. Once the inspection has been carried out a certificate will be issued and any faults will be recorded.




Kitchens and Bathrooms

A new kitchen or bathroom is an expensive investment so it needs to be done right. At Brennan & Son we have the expertise to carry out quality installations that will last for years. We believe in using copper rather than plastic pipework. We will give you an honest price for the work and offer guidance about choosing the right fitments. During the work we will work quickly to minimise the disruption and clear up afterwards so you can enjoy your new kitchen or bathroom straightaway.



Minor Plumbing Repairs

If you have a problem with your toilet not flushing correctly, making a loud noise or even a blockage, we can help. Perhaps you have a dripping tap or waste pipe that is slow to drain? A smell of damp or water through the ceiling? We are only a call away.


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